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ade by Italian, Spanish, Polish and German pupils:

Song: "Looking at the same view from different windows"- Lyrics:


Wir sprechen verschiedene Sprachen
Doch wenn du singst verstehe ich jedes Wort
Und unser gemeinsames Lachen
Sprengt Grenzen, erträumt einen Ort.
Wo Hand in Hand wir neue Wege gehen,
starke Brücken bau‘n.

We speak different languages,
but when you sing I understand every word.
And laughing together means to
Overcome boundaries and dream of a special place.
Hand in hand we break new grounds,
And build strong bridges.


Looking at the same view from windows
reaching out to shake each others hands.
We live under the same sun in different places,
but as one voice we sing: United we stand.


Choć dzieli nas tak dużo
Tak mało trzeba nam by razem być
I choć jesteśmy z różnych stron świata
To kiedyś i tak spotkamy się
Więc jednym słowem, jedną dusza
Śpiewajmy sobie tak

Though there are so many things that divide us
We need so little to be together
And although we are from different parts of the world
We will meet one day
In one soul together
Let’s sing what follows


Gracias a este proyecto
cantamos juntos hoy aquí 
por eso abramos
la ventana
con la misma fuerza e illusion
alzamos las manos así
unimos el corazón

Thanks to this Project
We sing today all together here in Camuñas
So let’s open the window
With the same strength and hope
Let’s raise our hands this way
Let’s join our heart


Con occhi di colore diverso
Che vedone le stesse cose
Anche se son lingue diverso
Chi ha detto che non ci capiamo
In fondo siamo tutti fratelli
E ci potremo incontrar

Eyes of a different colour see the same things,
even if we speak different languages,
who said we can't understand each other
At heart we are all brothers and we can get together.

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