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Regensburg (Germany)

Bischof Manfred Müller Schule - Regensburg - Germany

Our School

“Bischof Manfred Müller Schule” is a full-time, independent, Catholic school, offering facilities for both boys and girls. At present the age of the pupils ranges from five to fourteen, though the school is gradually expanding to accommodate students up to the age of sixteen. „Bischof Manfred Müller Schule“ is a happy and vibrant school. We offer children a balanced education in a stable environment, but one nonetheless focused on the future. We set equal worth on our wide range of extra-curricular activities and our pastoral care. 
“Bischof Manfred Müller Schule” is, above all, a community in which children can grow, for we seek to develop the whole person, so that he or she can enter into the fullness of life. Children are at the heart of everything we do at “Bischof Manfred Müller Schule”, and we have a reputation for our pastoral care which produces confident and enthusiastic children who really enjoy their learning. The Christian concept of human nature decisively influences our school life and is realized by our staff and parents.

Our idea

The teaching is superb and there is a warm relationship between child and teacher based on mutual trust and respect. We emphasise free working periods (FSA), where children engage in individual lessons and exercises in Mathematics, English, German, Science, Geography and History. We also offer a wide range of extra-curricular activities from rowing, hockey, swimming, football and Nordic walking to school band, musical group, student company and Bavarian cooking, just to mention a few. 
Monday morning we start with a morning circle. It’s a time of rest, relaxation and reflection. It can contain religious matters, meditation exercises, discussion of philosophical questions or current world affairs. We round up our week with a review and a brief devotional.
Our teaching consists of linked teaching units (VU). Based on a topic we link different subjects such as German, History, Geography, Social Studies, Religion, Physics, Chemistry and Biology. 
Music is very important at our school. Instrumental lessons are offered to the students, they take dance lessons and in the 5th grade even a whole class is taught to play a wind instrumet. There are many choirs for the youngest pupils, in grade 5 and 6 they can take dance lessons, play percussion or different musical instruments.

Focus on the future

We value a close co-operational relationship with parents to ensure that, on leaving our school at sixteen, our pupils are ready to enter the world of work and play their part in it. We want our students to be able to work in teams and get things done with the capacity to learn new skills.


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