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Meeting in Narew - Programme

Comenius Project 2010-2011

2nd meeting in Narew/Poland:  14-18 March 2011

Monday 14.03.2011

12.00 Pick up at Hotel Metropol for German and Spanish group

13.00 Pick up Italian group

18.00 The arrival of the Comenius partners to Narew:

The German students are taken to their host families.

The Lewczuks:                 Ferdinand Muller

The Oksiejczuks:            Thomas Josef Knorr

The Owłasiuks:            Jonas Robert Rohrmeier

The Piekarscys:            Lisa-Marie Theresia Haas

Lydia Christine Pietrzyk

The teachers have a welcome supper at the restaurant “Piekielna kuchnia” in Narew

21.00 Check in at the hotel in Żubrówka in Białowieża


Tuesday 15.03.2011

7.40 The official meeting at school with the headmaster and the teachers, showing the school

8.30-9.30 Visiting the Orthodox Church (taking part in an Orthodox mass) and the Catholic Church in Narew

9.40-11.05 Students – ice breakers (games connected with English)

Teachers-observing lessons

11.45-12.15 Lunch at the school canteen

12.45-14.00 Presentation of schools and school systems in the gym

14.00-15.00 German and Polish Students show each other typical games

Teachers – Working on the Project

15.30 Trip to Hajnówka

  • visiting the Orthodox Church of the Holy Trinity
  • visiting The Museum of the Belarussian Culture

18.00 Supper at the restaurant „Leśny Dworek” in Hajnówka

19.30 Returning to the hotel/host families


Wednesday 16.03.2011

8.10 The trip to Białowieża from Narew (the teachers wait in Białowieża)

9.00 Visiting Nature and Forest Museum in Białowieża

11.00 Visiting European Bison Show Reserve

13.00 Snack (sandwiches and tea)

14.30Visiting the agritourism farm “Kupała”

15.30 Dinner at “Kupała”

18.00-18.30 Returning to the hotel/host families

Thursday 17.03.2011

8.00-10.30 Visiting Pronar in Narew (the company producing the agricultural machines)

10.45-11.45- Sports games for students and teachers

11.45 - 12.15 Lunch at the school canteen

12.15 – 12.35 Teachers-working on the project

12.30-15.00 Students and teachers–Visiting Skaryszewo (making handicrafts)

15.00-17.00 Presentation of the results of the visit:

-presentation of the students handicrafts

- performance of the Polish students

  • Different choirs
  • a play
  • farewell to Polish students

-„sweet snack”

17.00-18.00 Visiting the Village Museum in Narew (students and teachers)

18.00 Students are taken to their host families

18.00 Teachers at the farewell supper in the restaurant “Piekielna kuchnia”


Friday  18.03.2011

3.45 Leaving Białowieża for teachers

4.45 Picking up students from Narew -   bus trip from Narew to Warsaw

9.00-14.00 Sightseeing Warsaw (Palace of Culture/Jewish Ghetto in Warsaw/Guided Tour through Warsaw/King’s Palace)

14.00 Italian and Spanish teachers return to their hotels in Warsaw

14.30 Taking German partners to the airport