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Comenius meeting Spain – October 17th – 21st

The meeting in Camunas was a wonderful experience for all of us. Thank you to all the Spanish Teachers for their work and their enthusiasm!


Italy –  Giovanna Di Nino, Anna Maria Ricci, Saura Della Gatta,  Claire Marie O’Neill, Monica Fortunato, Laura Bonomi, Antonella Dezzani, Laura Testoni, Sandra Schiffini, Stefania Colombo

Germany –  Petra  Liedl,  Barbara  Hubert,  Doris  Vallaster,  Andreas  Detterbeck, Juergen Ehler

Poland – Edyta Pokorska, Barbara Dudzicz, Alina Kononiuk, Dorota Nazarko

Spain – Ana Belén Cano Cobo

Monday 17th October

At 15.30 all the participants were met at Atocha Station, Madrid by a team of Spanishteachers from Camuñas. A bus took participants from the four Comenius partners to visit Aranjuez for a guided tour of the Gardens of the Royal Palace.

At 20.30 a welcoming reception was held at the local museum in Camuñas in which the  host families introduced themselves to  their Polish and  German guests andSpanish families and teachers welcomed the visiting teachers with local specialities. At 22:00 participants had dinner at the hotel in Consuegra.

Tuesday 18th October

9:00 participants were welcomed by all the students and teachers of the school in Camuñas.

10:00 the  first co-ordination meeting was  held while visiting pupils worked  on posters in the classrooms with Spanish students and teachers.

12.30 teachers visited different classes to see how they operate.

14.30 Lunch was served in the gymnasium of the school after which a tour was organised around Camuñas in which the Oil and wine cooperative, church, tower clock, mill square and museum were visited.

19:00  the  official  presentation  of  the  Comenius  project  was  held  with  the participation of students, teachers, parents and partners.

22:00 dinner was held at the hotel in Consuegra.

Wednesday 19
th October

9:00 teachers participated in a visit to a higher secondary school in Madridejos where the English teacher explained how the school system worked and where participants were able to visit classes, while students continued their work on posters.

12:00 second coordination meeting followed by lunch.

16:00 a guided tour of Consuegra, the windmills and the Castle.

20.30 dinner was held at the hotel.

Thursday 20
th October

9:00   Coordination  meeting  in   school   followed  by   participation  in   classes. Demonstration by Spanish teacher of reading activities held in the school.

13:00 departure for a visit of Toledo and its monuments and picnic in the park.

21:00 dinner in the hotel

Friday 21
st October

9:00 last meeting held at school in Camuñas with participation in various classes. Headmistress explained various aspects of particular interest to visiting teachers.

11.30 farewell organised by Spanish teachers and students with the Comenius song. Bus took visiting teachers and students to Madrid to make their connection for their various countries.

meeting outcomes

Travel book

The Travel book is proceeding as planned. Both Germany and Italy have completed theirs and Spain is adding more pages. Poland will begin work on theirs which will be ready for May 2012.
Each partner school will print their own copies of each travel book to keep in their schools and portable document formats will be posted on the website when complete.


Correspondence among pupils is continuing for those most interested, as after an initial facilitation it was decided that it was essentially up to the students to keep writing. Some  examples  of  letters  will  be scanned  and  posted  on  the  website (Andreas will post examples for Poland whereas Italy and Spain will do their own).


More documents should be posted on the website in order for project deliverables to be widely accessible. Each country will therefore ensure that they produce more electronic evidence of ongoing activities. When uploading photos, it is important to choose a low resolution in order not to overload the site.

Comenius song

All the song verses in Italian, Spanish, German and Polish have been written by the students as well as the refrain in English. All partners have recorded the song and all the pieces will be put together by Germany as soon as Italy have re-recorded their verse without music in the background. Germany is currently seeking a quote to see how much production of CDs would cost. For the cover of the CD, it was decided to divide it into four quarters with the Comenius logo in the centre. Each quarter is assigned to a partner school who will organise a competition for a drawing/painting to represent the words of the song in their school. The order of the drawings is shown below – a different corner of each drawing will be taken up by the Comenius logo so the order is important to outline before starting. The winning drawing will be on the CD cover. The deadline for receipt by Germany of all partner drawings is 20th December 2011.


Videoclips – one day in my life

These clips must be between 5 and 7 minutes long and highlight what daily activity is going on as well as the time of day. The deadline for the presentation of this activity is 20th December 2011.

Travel agency

The work on the posters is the main activity for the travel agency and the themes are food, festivals, music, famous people, art, books etc. The work done in Spain on different themes will be completed by the Italian schools by the end of November in order for them to be posted on the website.

Life in other countries

This activity, essentially a concluding one, is meant to be a reflective activity in which students can mull over all they have learned about the different aspects of the other participating countries and come up with some way of synthesising what has made the biggest impression on them. Each partner can decide on their own particular deliverable for this activity: it could be a table, a graph, a video, an interview, or a drawing…etc. These deliverables will be presented on the website before the end of the project.


The videoconference will be carried out using Skype in April. Each country will formulate a list of ten questions to ask the other participants in a sort of quiz. At the end  of  the  quiz,  each  group will  receive  a  certificate  showing  the  degree  of knowledge they have acquired after participating in the Comenius project. Photographs will be taken of this activity to be posted on the website.

A trial run has been fixed for the 28th  November at 14:00 in order to work out the finer points of this activity. Italy will receive the skype addresses of the other partners and invite them to participate in the videoconference at 13:45.

Last meeting in La Spezia

The final project meeting will be held in La Spezia between 14 and 18 May. A total of 12 students will be hosted by Italian families. Whether these students are male or female will be communicated by Germany and Poland by 20th December.

The Italian partners will draft a programme of activities to be carried out in the next few weeks so that the other partners can decide the best means to get to La Spezia.

Conclusions on the meeting in Camuñas

The meeting was extremely successful and very well organised. The school was impressive and the hosts exemplary in their hospitality and professionalism.

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